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Stones Forum

 Welcome to the website, that was created to help in your personal and spiritual development and meeting your dreams and whishes. The basis is to understand what is the key to your dreams and whishes. It´s gratitude. Gratitude is the basic building stone of the Universe. Gratitude opens our eyes, teaches us to respect, form our relations, deprives us of sadness, fills us with joy and wonder. Gratitude is the path to inner peace. For strengthen, remembrance and gratitude maintenance we use stone of gratitude. Whether you want be healthier, wealthier, happier, more successful or anything else. Everything begins and ends with gratitude!



The gratitude stone, that you are creating by your inner voice and heart will be unique and will be your personal stone of gratitude.


With your stone of gratitude you gain access to unique communication group Eye of life.


In Eye of life you will find wealth of information about the Earth, the Universe, life, disease treatment, ongoing changes...getting to know like-minded people like you, the group is gradually adding a number of important trainers, coaches and number of important personalities of personal and spiritual development.


It is gradually forming a new and new forums for specific issues with information and access to information that interest you. Here you will find all the news of famous and popular personalities such as Rhonda Byrne, Louise L. hay, Nick Vujicic, Jim V. Humble, Dan Millman, Donald Wasch, Geoft Colvin, Timothy Feriss, Jack Canfield, Mark Dzirasa, Darryl Anka, Joe Vitale, Ihaleakala Hew Len...



We are very grateful that there is still more of you....join us!